RD- an actual child support client
"My case was handled quickly and with ease."
RD- an actual child support client
"My case was handled quickly and with ease."
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Pedestrian Accidents


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The safety of pedestrians is a huge concern in Florida. As provided in a recent report prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the pedestrian fatality rate for Florida in 2011 was nearly double the national average. In addition, Florida had more pedestrian accident fatalities than any other state in the U.S. in 2011. Gainesville Pedestrian Accidents attorneys, of the Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A., believe that Florida should be known for its beauty and many other positive aspects, not for negative attributes such as having the highest pedestrian accident fatality rate in the U.S.

As injury and wrongful death attorneys for victims of pedestrian accidents, we are happy to see that Florida has taken the first step in recognizing the safety risks faced by our pedestrians, by implementing safety initiatives throughout Florida. The Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A. remains hopeful that the 2013 release of Florida’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan, a report prepared for the FDOT, will promote awareness of this serious issue. Yet, we also maintain cognizance to the fact that, at least during this period of transition, pedestrian accidents will continue to occur in Gainesville and Ocala, as well as throughout Florida.

Just a few of the types of Pedestrian Accident cases are:

Pedestrian accidents can be highly devastating. In comparison to other types of accidents, pedestrians are perhaps the most vulnerable to injury, if not fatality. Those victims fortunate to survive a serious pedestrian accident often have numerous injuries throughout the body. According to the Florida Department of Highways Safety and Motor Vehicles, nearly 8,000 accidents occur on average in Florida each year involving pedestrians. Of these accidents, more than 90% result in either injury or fatality. The Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A. represent clients who have sustained injury, as well as the family members of those killed as a result of a pedestrian accident.

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As noted above, the pedestrian accident fatality rate in Florida is alarming. What makes pedestrian injuries most devastating, is their potential to cause serious injury or fatality. According to the Vital Statistics Records, more than 10% of pedestrian accident fatalities, on average, involve an injury to internal organs, and at least 30% involve traumatic brain injury. Many pedestrian accidents involve multiple injuries.

In our decades of practice, our attorneys have represented clients in a wide range of matters involving personal injury and wrongful death. Many of these clients have been victims of pedestrian accidents, with every incident involving circumstances unique to each client. Though, one commonality shared amongst the majority of pedestrian accidents is, that they typically are the result of another’s negligence. Pedestrian accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. A pedestrian may be struck by a drunk or distracted driver, or a motorist who otherwise has failed to operate their vehicle in a reasonable and cautious manner. Some pedestrian accidents involve the negligent actions of a reckless hit-and-run driver.

No matter what the cause of pedestrian accident, our Gainesville Pedestrian Accident Attorneys whole-heartedly believe that you are entitled to compensation for your injury or loss. There are time limitations associated with your right to obtain compensation for your injury or loss. Don’t wait until it’s too late. A Florida personal injury or wrongful death lawyer experienced in pedestrian accidents can evaluate your matter and explain any and all legal entitlements to compensation—Gil Alba is precisely that type of attorney—committed to seeking justice on behalf of the injured.