RD- an actual child support client
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RD- an actual child support client
"My case was handled quickly and with ease."
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Florida Child Support- Recent Changes

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Florida child support laws have recently undergone a number of dramatic changes. The child support attorneys at the Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A. are experienced with and knowledgeable about all these changes. One change set to go into effect October 1, 2012, requires that trial courts anticipate changes to a persons child support obligations based on a child reaching age 18 or otherwise no longer being eligible for child support.

Previously, when a child reached age 18 or otherwise was no longer eligible for child support, the parent obligated to pay child support was required to file documents with the court requesting that the court terminate the child support. Otherwise, the child support due continued to accrue and be due even if the child support was eligible to be terminated or reduced because only one child eligible for child support remained. This created problems for parents who were ignorant of the requirement to terminate and was very unfair.

In order to remedy this problem, the statutes now require that the court provide for how the amount of child support will be modified once an older child is no longer eligible but others remain eligible. For instance, if there are 4 children under age 18 and the total child support due from one parent is $1,500.00, the court must determine, at the time of the initial child support order how much the child support will be reduced as each child reaches age 18. The court must apply the child support guidelines for this purpose. In this instance, the child support might be reduced by $300.00 as each child reaches age 18 ($1,500.00 for 4, $1,200.00 for 3, $900.00 for 2, $600.00 for 1) until there are no longer any eligible children and the child support terminates completely.

If you have concerns about child support, we are here to help. Put our knowledge of child support rules and guidelines to work for you to ensure that you are paying or receiving the proper amount of child support. We can help with establishing, modifying, terminating, or collecting child support.

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