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RD- an actual child support client
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Multiple-vehicle Crashes


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The Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A. represents injured victims in claims to recover damages and losses from motor vehicle accidents that occur in Alachua, Marion, Lake or surrounding counties. A common area of client inquiry relates to the manner in which fault will be assessed and liability established, in cases involving more than two vehicles, particularly for purposes of apportioning damages. Unfortunately, given the complex nature of multiple-vehicle crashes, many of which involve numerous victims, there is no blanket response that would apply in each and every scenario.

Rather, allowing an attorney to review the unique factual circumstances involved, particularly a professional that has prior experience in this specific type of collision, is the more appropriate approach. But let’s explore this topic further…

The sequence of events and resulting consequences associated with a multiple vehicle collision vary in nearly every case, however, such accidents do generally share one thing in common—an initial harmful event. While a multi-car crash could conceivably involve concurrent incidents, the vast majority of such accidents, involve an initial collision, followed by one or more subsequent collisions. Although the potential causes and contributing factors associated with an initial crash, are no different in multiple-vehicle accidents, than with single or double-vehicle collisions, crash data and research studies have identified several factors that are common to secondary crashes.

The speed at which a vehicle is traveling, upon encountering an initial collision, can play a critical role in both the cause of the subsequent crash, as well as the extent of injury sustained by the victims involved. Likewise, roadway conditions, particularly wet or slippery surfaces, can hinder a motorist’s ability to decelerate safely and avoid collision. Reduced visibility due to rainfall or heavy fog, or even smoke-induced visibility issues, such as the notorious Paynes Prairie incidents, also commonly contribute to secondary collisions associated with multi-car crashes in Florida.

Many multiple vehicle accidents are set into motion as a result of an initial rear-end collision. For example, where a stationary vehicle is struck from behind, and as a result is then pushed into a third vehicle. This type of crash can then cause a chain reaction of collisions, in which the third vehicle is pushed into a fourth vehicle, and so on. In some cases, the impact of a rear-end crash sends a front vehicle into an intersection, or otherwise into the pathway of oncoming traffic, thereby resulting in a subsequent collision, or series of collisions.

However, a front-end to rear-end collision, is just one example of how an initial crash can result in a multi-car crash. The reality is that any type of incident which causes an obstruction in the roadway, including head-on crashes, rollovers, or angle collisions, such as side-swipe or T-bone collisions, can lead to additional accidents. In some cases, various types of collisions can occur, either as a result of a direct impact with an existing pile-up, or due to a responsive or corrective action taken in avoidance of impact.

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In the most tragic of scenarios, a multiple-car collision can result in catastrophic injury or fatality to persons other than motor-vehicle occupants. For example, in non-highways accidents, pedestrians and bicyclists may feel that they are safe while traveling along a sidewalk or roadway and/or properly crossing at an intersection, only to find themselves in the pathway of wayward vehicle that was involved in an initial or secondary crash.  Likewise, persons standing alongside a highway following a crash, including accident victims, emergency officials, and even tow-truck drivers, are all susceptible to secondary collisions. These types of accidents in particular, are often associated with more severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, and in devastating cases, even fatality.

Returning to the issue of fault in multiple vehicle crashes—a driver that is found to be at fault for an initial collision is often held responsible for subsequent accidents caused as a result of their negligence. However, there are a variety of other factors to take into consideration that can affect the availability and source of compensation, as well as the chain of liability, assignment of fault, and apportionment of damages. Consider the following:

Driver A, who is texting while driving, strikes driver B, who is stopped at a red light. As a result, driver B strikes driver C, causing the vehicle to spin into an intersection. Driver D then strikes driver C in a T-bone collision. Additional facts: Driver B, who is unlicensed, has failed to turn on their lights, despite the fact that it is dark. Driver C, is transported to the hospital, and later dies, as a result of the hospital’s negligence. Driver D leaves the scene of the accident, and is located shortly after and found to be both alcohol-impaired, unlicensed, and uninsured.

Given the hypothetical, it is easy to see the complexities that can potentially arise in accidents involving multiple vehicles. Consequently, it is imperative to select an experienced attorney, that has the skill and capacity to aggressively advocate on your behalf, and who can effectively maximize damage amounts recovered. Let the Law Office of Alba & Yochim P.A. help you obtain the compensation that you and your family deserve.