RD- an actual child support client
"My case was handled quickly and with ease."
RD- an actual child support client
"My case was handled quickly and with ease."
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Our Gainesville Automobile Collisions attorneys know the challenges that a victim and their family may face following a car accident. For those that sustained injury, but were fortunate enough to have survived the crash, seeking proper medical treatment, and doing so within 14 days of the accident, should be your first concern. Beyond this, the injured often have worries over the costs for emergency medical care, the need for ongoing treatment, as well as income lost due to the inability to work. For those dealing with the anguish of losing a loved one in an accident, having simultaneous concerns over providing for your family may seem far too overwhelming.

No individual wants to be placed in a position in which they have anxieties over whether they will be able to meet financial obligations, such as mortgage payments, monthly rent, car loans, auto or health insurance, utility bills, or even the most basic need – food. With over a decade of experience representing injured victims and family members of the deceased, our injury lawyers understand the devastation that can occur in the aftermath of an unexpected life-altering event. Securing fair and just compensation, while also alleviating your concerns and attending to your needs are the cornerstones of our practice.

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Personal Injury claims extending from car crashes are nothing new, and in fact have become increasingly common over the years, given changes to roadways, motorists, and vehicles, to name a few. It is important to keep in mind, though, that the term ‘Personal Injury’ is a broad practice area, and not every PI attorney is also experienced in handling auto collisions, particularly those that involve complex legal issues.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers, uninsured or underinsured motorists, or hit & run accidents, require the expertise of a legal professional with knowledge of the law with regard to both negligence and insurance. In addition, matters involving low-speed and/or minor impacts, or where the injured has pre-existing, concurrent or subsequent injuries are uniquely distinct matters and require the skills of a personal injury attorney experienced in auto accident injuries.

On average, nearly a quarter of a million accidents occur in Florida each year, and of these, more than half will result in injury, with nearly a tenth resulting in fatality. Visit FLHSMV.gov, for more Florida-specific  crash data. Although prevention is of course preferable, we also understand that no matter what preventative measures one might take, the negligence of another cannot be predicted. Whether the accident involves a collision with a pick-up truck, SUV, or sedan, it is imperative that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible following medical treatment. Our auto accident attorneys will assist you in dealing with insurance companies and medical providers.

Our accident lawyers have represented clients that have sustained injuries for a variety of reasons. In addition to actions involving the negligence of another motorist, we also represent clients who are injured as a result of a defectively designed or manufactured vehicle component. In other cases, there may be a failure to warn, or properly instruct a client, such as with airbag usage and/or deployment. If you were injured in an auto collision, and you believe that it may have been the result of vehicle manufacturer negligence, our car accident attorneys can evaluate your matter, and discuss issues of fault, liability, and negligence.

Injuries sustained as a result of a car wreck can have a devastating effect, not only on the injured, but on the victim’s family as well. Common bodily injuries include whiplash; soft tissue damage; broken, fractured or dislocated bones; scarring or disfigurement; emotional trauma; and in tragic cases, fatality. Medical payments, lost wages, and property damage are all common concerns of injury victims. At the Law office of Alba & Yochim P.A., we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive peace of mind during the difficult times following an auto collision.